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Sheril Jalm

Sheril Jalm has a passion for working with individuals and businesses through both of her businesses. She helps clients strategize for their retirement through her affiliation with the John Hancock Financial Network. With her business partner, Rebecca Rosado, they own Innovative Minds Consulting, LLC, Sheril and Rebecca help clients review their organizational processes ( finance, operations, human resources and information technology) to increase their profit, identify process issues and implement practical solutions to improve the company. Sheril and Rebecca are also publishing a book soon illustrating their process on landing their big clients. Can you land a whale?

With 20+ years in corporate finance and auditing, Sheril has honed her skills in finance, auditing, information security and management. Sheril earned her Six Sigma Black Belt and maintains her CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) as well as her securities licenses.

Sheril serves on various nonprofit boards and has lived in the Jupiter, FL area for 30 years. She is known in her community as a volunteer that gets things done. She was past President/Treasurer for 18 years with the Jupiter Tequesta Athletic Association. Sheril is currently President of the Jupiter Performing Arts Fund which raises money to support the performing arts in the Jupiter area public schools.

Contact Sheril Jalm:
(561) 843-0726
Sheril Jalm

Rebecca Rosado

Rebecca Rosado has more than two decades of experience consulting with businesses and individuals on how to maximize productivity, grow sales, develop employees, startup businesses, human capital management, professional development and assist in mergers and acquisitions of businesses. Rebecca is invigorated when it comes to working with individuals and companies to come up with innovated ways to solve complex problems. Rebecca is a co-owner of Innovated Minds Consulting and owner of Rosado Search Group. She has worked with companies of all sizes, from small "mom and pop" companies to multi national and international companies.

Rebecca is practically a native to South Florida having moved here when she was 3 years old. She volunteers and contributes to various non-profit organizations dealing with people with disabilities, women’s health issues, children and is inspired by arts. She is in her element when she is helping people actualize their potential and achieve their goals.

Rebecca is a five time consecutive National Award winner of TOP Achiever Group- President’s club for providing excellent services to individuals and clients. She was also selected for the National Leadership award.

Contact Rebecca Rosado:
(954) 687 0095
Rebecca Rosado